Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some other great game winners

     In honor of last nights thriller. I have found a couple of video's of past game winners, some of them from different angles. It feels weird that every one of these players that made these shots are all no longer playing on the team. Thankfully, Al Jefferson made a game winner for us, so we don't have to feel the pain of having a team that hasn't made a winner for us... if you even noticed that at all. The quality may not be great but you can still see what is going on.

1. Utah Jazz vs. LA Fakers 2009 playoffs

On Tv:

From the Front Row:

2. Jazz vs. Cavs 2010

What you saw on TV:

What you saw from the second row:

A Great compilation of the game (Go to Youtube to watch in HD):

3. Game Winners of 2010:

4. John Stockon 97 Western conference finals

Last 2 minutes of that game:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Remeber This?

I was searching up Youtube for highlights for out new players and came across this video. I remember this from a couple years ago, but I had no idea that it was Devin Harris. I'm a slacker I know but this is one of the sickest buzzer beaters ever!
Note: It looks a lot better in 480


New Look Jazz Lose 2nd Straight but Not Without a Fight

Celtics 107 Jazz 102
     The Jazz are meshing together very fast after only three games together. The Jazz are playing well and look like they could still make a push to be right in the playoff mix. They started off hot with the Jazz taking a 10-2 lead in the start of their game against the Celtics. From there the Jazz went down by 13 but by halftime they had fought back to be down by only 3. The second half was where things got interesting. Jefferson had really put the team on his back since Deron was traded. Even before that, he has been having a great February. His will to win is something the Jazz really need every night. They need to bring that intensity every night, and not just the players, the fans also. We have a duty to support our team, when I hear cheers for the opposing team when it's a home game that just makes me angry. DON'T SELL YOUR TICKETS TO ANOTHER TEAMS FANBOY! Especially when the Fakers come to town. That was just my little rant for the day, back to the game.
The Jazz battled and proved that they can play with the big boys back east. But sadly, the Jazz couldn't pull it off. Even though Rondo is a horrible shooter, you can't leave an NBA player wide open with the game so close. They will find a way to get the ball into the hoop. That's why they are playing professional basketball because they are good at what they do.
How about Favors put back dunk? Now if that's not a delicious dunk I don't know what is. Harris is lightening quick but he really needs to be a consistent three point shooter.
These guys fit well into coach Ty's system and they seem to be happy to be here, especially Harris. I think that Harris is happy to finally be on a winning team. I can't wait to see how Harris and Favors will improve.
Although it was a game that the Jazz could have won they showed a whole lot of improvement. The game was intense and the fans were into it. All that is left is to get the W.

The Great:
-Al Jefferson and his intensity
-Devon Harris's lightening quick coast to coast lay-ups

The Good:
-Derek Favors delicious put back jam
-Coming back into the game before the fourth quarter

The Bad:
-Not guarding Rondo at all, this guy is a better shooter than he used to be.
-Some of the ref's calls were a bit biased but not as bad as when the Fakers are here.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jazz Fight to the finish in Deron's Return Jazz beat Denver 113-106

         This game was a great tough fight to the end with Deron coming back after missing a few games with a wrist injury. He had 26 points and 12 assists. But the big story is Al Jefferson with 28 points and 10 rebounds. The dunk he had over Nene was a statement to how strong he is down low in the post. He is much more valuable in the post than as a jump shooter.
          Raja Bell broke out of his shell tonight with a season high 20 points plus 7 rebounds, and 2 steals, which makes the record the Jazz have when Raja has 2 or more steals 8-3. Some people have said that Bell was the worst player the Jazz got this off season but if he plays like this the rest of the season I think he will be considered one of the top pickups the Jazz got this season. Of course he did turn down Kobe and the Fakers which is a major plus.
          Jeremy Evans had a great game with that sweet put back dunk over Al Harrington.
           It has been discussed many times before but the 100 point mark is kind of way to tell how well the Jazz played in the game. All you have to do is look at the stats. The Jazz are now 22-3 when scoring 100+ points, and only 8-18 when scoring under 100. I think that is pretty self explanatory.  
          The Jazz, as a total, had 11 turnovers to the Nuggets 13 turnovers, which makes them  21-6 when committing fewer turnovers than their opponents. Overall I thought that this was one of the best games that the Jazz have played this season. They played tough, they had energy, and they pushed the ball.


Also, just a little fun fact: the last time the Jazz Scored 150+ points was when the Jazz beat Denver 151-136 on February 10, 1982.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Minor Update To Blog

I have updated the size of the sidebar so that the Facebook widget fits within the margins of the blog, I removed the Title at the top of the page and moved the redirect to the logo, now you can just click on the logo and it will take you to the main page. I also changed the background from a basketball hoop to a nice blue texture. I did this to give the blog a more clean look. Last but not least I added a page for Jazz youtube videos, there is nothing on there yet but there will be soon. Let me know how you feel about the changes in the comments or on Facebook/Twitter.

Note: I haven't updated in a great while and I plan on starting up again after this week.